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Best iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus cases

iPhone 6S Plus case
You don't have to sacrifice style for protection

If you love phones as much as us there are few things better than getting your hands on a beautifully crafted new one... and few things worse than watching in horror as it tumbles from those hands onto the hard, unforgiving floor.

But while accidents will happen you can at least minimize the risk of damage, and with a handset as nice as the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus, that's something which is really worth doing. And since both phones are roughly the same size, one case fits either.

Below, you’ll find several recommendations that cover a wide range of budgets and style preferences. While some of these options are untested, they are each a cut above the rest due to their value and design, and are backed by positive consumer feedback.

Note: we’ve ranked these from cheapest to most expensive at the time of writing

OtterBox Defender

OtterBox Defender

For times when protection comes above all else there's the OtterBox Defender. Its polycarbonate shell, rubber slipcover and screen protector give it three layers of defence, while port covers ensure your iPhone 6S Plus stays dirt and dust free.

The OtterBox Defender certainly looks the part, with a chunky, solid build, but you can be confident that it performs well too, as it's undergone over 238 hours of testing, with the case (and importantly its contents) withstanding drops, sweat, pockets, high temperatures and more.

Urban Armor Gear Folio Case

Urban Armor Gear Folio Case

You don't necessarily have to completely sacrifice style to get serious protection. Take the Urban Armor Gear Folio Case for example. It's built to last, with full body protection and a surface which is designed to be easy to grip even when wet.

But it's also light and low profile and its two-tone colour scheme and honeycomb pattern even leave it looking fairly stylish. Plus it goes the extra mile, with a card slot letting it double as a basic wallet.

Casetify Case

Casetify Case

Casetify cases are all about personalisation. You start by picking a durable standard or stylish slim shell, then choose from a number of colour options. So far so normal, but next you choose from a range of layouts, which place squares, circles or patterns on the case, each of which can then be filled with your own pictures or a selection of Casetify's stamps.

It's like a Nokia 3310 cover but specific to you.

So you can make the case completely your own, whether that means filling it with pictures of friends and family, things that reflect who you are or just abstracts and patterns that look good.

Caseology Wavelength Case

The Caseology Wavelength Case is one of the more eye-catching iPhone 6S Plus covers, thanks to a slim build and an unusual textured fabric pattern.

Those textures both look good and make the case easier to grip, so accidents are less likely to happen. But if you do drop it the case is designed to offer shock absorption, so hopefully your iPhone 6S Plus will survive unscathed.

STINNS Velouté Series Designer Pouch

STINNS Velouté Series Designer Pouch

It always seems a shame to cover up a phone as well designed as the iPhone 6S Plus with a case and the STINNS Velouté Series Designer Pouch addresses that in two ways.

Firstly it's a slim pouch made of soft suede, leaving it looking and feeling great, so while your iPhone 6S Plus might be covered at least it's covered with something which looks almost as premium.

But as it's a pouch you also take your phone out to use it, so you'll still be able to appreciate its aesthetics much of the time.

That comes at the cost of protection, but while it's in the pouch it should be well defended, as the front, back and sides are all covered and the pouch is designed to prevent the iPhone 6S Plus from sliding out unintentionally.

Poetic Affinity Case

Poetic Affinity Case

The Poetic Affinity Case is designed to protect your iPhone 6S Plus only where it needs protecting. So for example the edges have an anti-slip design to make it easier to grip and shock absorption in case you do still drop it.

There are also raised anti-scratch stripes along the back, but in areas where the phone is less likely to be damaged or stressed the case is kept sleek, minimal and transparent, so your iPhone 6S Plus still looks good in it.

Belk Wooden Case

Belk Wooden Case

If you want something a bit different you could do a lot worse than considering the Belk Wooden Case. As the name suggests it's made out of genuine wood, with a choice of oak, teak, cherry, walnut and birch available.

In all other senses it's a fairly standard case, but it's slim and has a protective rubber bumper. Really though it's a wooden case. Everyone is going to comment on it, so it's worth the price of admission for that alone.

Nouske Window Flip Cover

The Nouske Window Flip Cover completely covers the iPhone 6S Plus, but unlike most such covers you don't have to open the case or take the phone out to use it.

A clear plastic viewing window lets you see the time, date, messages and incoming calls without exposing your phone and a silicon slide bar even allows you to answer or decline calls with the cover fully closed.

Of course you'll still need to open the case to access apps and media, but when you do you can fold it into a kickstand, so you can enjoy videos hands-free.

Tech21 Evo Mesh Sport Case

The Tech21 Evo Mesh Sport Case offers impact protection for drops of up to 2 metres, so it should be able to withstand most of what life throws at it.

It's slim and lightweight too, making it ideal for when you're working out and don't want to be weighed down. The range of colours and overall look is also designed to match the various Apple Watch Sport bands, so if you've gone all-in with Apple this is a great partner.

iPhone 6s Plus Leather Case

iPhone 6S Plus Leather Case

If anyone's going to make a case worthy of the iPhone 6S Plus it's likely to be Apple itself. Take the iPhone 6S Plus Leather Case. In many ways it's a simple clip-on case, but it's made from tanned leather, for a premium look and feel, while a soft microfibre lining helps keep your iPhone safe.

As it's made by Apple there's also no unwanted branding, just Apple's own logo in line with where the one on the phone would be and with a slim, snug fit it doesn't add too much extra bulk.