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Android Ice Cream to get Honeycomb flavouring?

Android - tasty but confusing
Android - tasty but confusing

The confusion over what will happen with the next iteration of Android continues with news that Ice Cream Sandwich, to give the OS its full name, will come with some Honeycomb features embedded.

Which means it's looking more and more likely that Honeycomb will be ported on to tablets only and not come to smartphones.

Everything about the OS seems to be built around tablet architecture, but this doesn't necessarily mean that none of the features will be coming to mobile phones.

The word on the Google street is that Ice Cream Sandwich will be the next flavoursome OS for smartphones after Gingerbread, but will have bits of Honeycomb within it.

Honey monster

According to Phandroid there's a new code being built called GRI17 which will implement some parts of Honeycomb but it's not known which bits will make the cut.

What this does mean is that Ice Cream will probably become Android 2.4, with Android 3.0 Honeycomb solely used for tablets. Confusing? You betcha - but it is something that we have been expecting.

We'll be hoping that the Google I/O conference scheduled for 10 May will shed some light on Google's operating system plans for both tablets and smartphones.

Via Phandroid