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Fujitsu launches zero-watt monitor

Look, it's glowing green. That means it's green
Look, it's glowing green. That means it's green

Not content with rolling out low-emission PCs, Fujitsu has announced the launch of its new zero-watt monitor.

The new monitor will be part of the company's Scenicview Premium Line ECO range, and will save consumers, wait for it, around £6 a year. Every little helps, as they say.

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Zero tolerance

Speaking about other, non power-saving monitors, Fujitsu said that regular monitors use power of between around 1-6 watts, even in standby mode.

So, how does this monitor work? By magic? Well, no. The power display to the monitor disconnects when the screen goes into standby mode. And it's restored by a small electrical pulse – essentially your PC kick-starts the monitor back to life when you want to use it again.

The 20 inch P20W-5 ECO and the 22 inch P22W-5 ECO will be available as of next month.