New Nvidia Shield: not one, but two models seem on their way

Nvidia Shield TV
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Had that Nvidia Shield TV on your shelf a bit too long? Well, it looks like you'll soon have two separate options for upgrading your hardware - or making an argument to come to the Shield TV platform for the first time.

While speculation around a possible refresh - mainly to update the device's processor - have been circling for a few months now, there's now evidence of a wholly different model focused even more firmly on streaming, without either a TV tuner or USB port.

A breakdown of the code in the latest Shield Experience 8.0 update - the operating system on the Shield TV - shows files referring to a separate "sif" model with the above changes, while the "sif" file name also reappears in the Nvidia Shield's TvSettings app (via XDA-Dvelopers). 

It looks to come with the new refreshed Tegra X1 processor of the primary model, also found in the incoming Nintendo Switch Lite.

What's this about Google Stadia?

The Nvidia Shield TV has been the leading Android streaming box since it came out in 2015, bundling in a brilliant Tegra X1 processor for TV, 4K resolution video, HDR, as well as streamed or downloaded games. 

We saw a small refresh in 2017, slimming down the console's silhouette and dropping the micro SD port, and after another two years on the market it makes sense to update some of the device's internals - possibly with a new remote and gamepad.

What makes this even better timed is the incoming November launch of Google Stadia, the video game streaming service looking to take on Xbox Games Pass and PlayStation Now.

Both Sony and Microsoft are looking ahead to the future of games streaming, with the latter already having released the disc-less Xbox One All Digital Edition. But with the current Shield TV model costing only $199 / £189 / AU$245 RRP, around half of a brand new Xbox One, there may be a strong argument for streaming the games of tomorrow on a Nvidia Shield TV instead.

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