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Nokia to rush out cheap Windows Phone handsets?

How cheap can a cheap Nokia Windows Phone really be?
How cheap can a cheap Nokia Windows Phone really be?

Nokia has said it will be manufacturing low-cost Windows Phone 7 handsets to allow the OS to reach a very low price point, very quickly.

Speaking to a group of Finnish business journalists, Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop said that the ability to quickly bring a cheap handset to market was a key topic in its discussions with Microsoft.

Windows Phone £7

After convincing the software giant that it could reach "a very low price point", Elop reiterated the need for speed:

"We have become convinced that we can [reach the low price point] very quickly."

During its press conference at Mobile World Congress, Nokia said it hoped to have its first Windows Phone device on sale by the end of 2011 – but this latest revelation suggests an earlier release could be on the cards.

Given Microsoft's stringent minimum hardware specifications for its mobile OS, it remains to be seen if Nokia will get special dispensation in order to bring costs down, or whether it is relying on falling component pricing.

Via Reuters