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HP Slate 7 UK release date unveiled, yours for £129

HP Slate 7 UK release date unveiled, yours for £129
Roll up roll up, get 'em while they're hot

We forgive you if you'd forgotten all about the eminently forgettable HP Slate 7 Android tablet which was revealed at this year's Mobile World Congress.

We can imagine you've repressed the memory of the fact that it was possibly going to be delayed until June.

We're sure there'll be dancing in the streets at the news that this is no longer the case with the release date now set for May 1.

Late slate

We're sure you want to know more: the HP Slate 7 comes with a 7-inch screen, Android 4.1(Jelly Bean), a dual-core 1.6GHz processor, Beats audio smarts and a fairly measly 8GB of storage.

We know what you're thinking: pretty average stuff, right? But, on the other hand, it'll only cost you £129. So there is that.

We expect you're struggling to control yourself - so quell those release-date-sell-out fears and pre-order the tablet from today by hopping on over to the HP UK site.

Via Slashgear