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Stop using the Sony Vaio Fit 11A - it might catch fire

Sony says stop using the Vaio Fit 11A because it might catch fire
Good-bye-o to Vaio

Sony is in the process of letting the 26,000 owners of the Vaio Fit 11A know that they have to stop using their laptops immediately.

The reason behind the panic is that the Panasonic-made battery inside some models of the Fit 11A is at risk of catching fire due to overheating.

The company has already stopped selling the laptop after reports of three overheating batteries causing burns - one in Japan, one in Hong Kong and one in China.

Find and replace

If your laptop is affected, you should be hearing from Sony very soon about a program to repair or replace your computer - details will also be posted on its homepage in the near future. Around 7,000 were sold in Europe and only about 500 in the US, so there shouldn't be too many of you affected.

As Sony has decided to sell its computing business, the Vaio Fit 11A is one of the last laptops from the company. This isn't what we meant when we said you should go out with a bang, guys.