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Looking for a cheap 5G phone? This Samsung Galaxy A90 is now only £399

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5G - It's fast, has the reliable latency we've always wanted from our connections and has the potential to change how we do everything. However, with so many exceptional abilities, it will come as no surprise to hear that 5G doesn't come cheap.

But with Samsung set to release a wide suite of new devices including the new Galaxy S20 very soon, the phone giant is getting prepared by slashing prices across its older devices.

One of those older handsets being cut in price is the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G. One of the cheapest 5G phones around, Samsung just snipped a massive £270 off the price tag, meaning you can now get it for just £399.

Have an old phone you can trade in? Samsung will offer up to £250 in trade-in value meaning you could effectively get this phone for just £149. We don't have to tell you just how cheap that is for a phone, especially a 5G compatible one.

But at a price that low, is the A90 5G actually any good? Granted it's not going to match the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G but with its super AMOLED display, 4500mAh battery and triple camera set-up, this is a phone performing way above its price tag.

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Samsung Galaxy A90 5G: at Samsung |SIM-free | £669 £399
We really can't imagine the A90 5G will hit a price like this again for a long time, maybe even ever. You're saving a total of £270, leaving you with plenty of money to pour into a cheap 5G SIM only deal. If you have a device you can trade in, you could save even more on the cost.View Deal

What's the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G like?

As we mentioned above, you will be pleasantly surprised with the spec-sheet the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G possess. Whether its the 4500mAh battery powering you through over a day with ease, the big Super AMOLED display or the powerful chipset on board, the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G is filled up with power.

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