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Get your iTunes library onto Spotify easily

Spotify is now slightly more receptive to iTunes libraries

Users of both Spotify and iTunes will probably be delighted to hear that the online music service now has a way to suck up details of your PC-based music library and attempt to replicate it on the web.

The third-party SpotifiTunes, strips the data from the desktop-bound iTunes Music Library using XML and creates an online page readable by Spotify.

Whole lotta clickin'

This contains Spotify links for artists, albums and genres but, of course, none of the actual music – you need to click through to Spotify, naturally - or the playlists.

While SpotifiTunes isn't a complete solution for making the move from offline to on, it is a decent halfway house that saves a lot of time otherwise spent on Spotify working out what you want to save to your account.

Via Lifehacker