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Free music clampdown sees Spotify subscriptions soar

Spotify - riding the premium wave
Spotify - riding the premium wave

Spotify gained over 500,000 paying subscribers after introducing tight restrictions on its free service in May 2011, according to a leaked report examined by MusicAlly.

The surge in premium subscriptions tipped the music streaming service over the 1.5 million paying customers mark.

However, the same period saw Spotify drop 1.6 million users from its free service; even if 500,000 of these became paying subscribers, that still leaves a dearth of 1.1 million free users who have abandoned ship.

If you leave me now…

The figures quoted relate to the period from March to June 2011, during which time paying subscribers leapt from 1.02 million to 1.54 million.

Quite a jump, when you consider that the service racked up only 124,000 paying subscribers between January and March - no doubt users were keen to avoid the new restrictions and ditch the irritating adverts.

The controversial new set up saw Spotify Free members restricted to 10 hours of music streaming per month, as well as caps on the number of times each song could be played.

Since the introduction of the service caps, Spotify has also launched in America, a long-awaited move that should be bolstering its figures for the remainder of the year.

From MusicAlly