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Gmail for Android just got better at guarding against phishing scams

(Image credit: Google)

Phishing is one of most prevalent hazards when going online, and a new Gmail update for Android hopes to give users a better shot at catching a scam before it's too late.

New security features have been added to Gmail for Android devices, ones that warn users of potential schemes before they click on suspicious URLs. The warning may not always indicate a dangerous email, but Google urges users to maintain consistent vigilance on what they click.

The update comes right on time as a sophisticated phishing attack was perpetrated on May 3 using bogus Google Docs invitations.

Once activated, the malicious impersonation could steal a user's Google account information. The attackers especially targeted Gmail users' contacts in order to further spread the scam to others under the guise of someone they know.

Though the timing is impeccable, Google's security update wasn't a direct response to the scam, as a Google representative tells TechRadar that the two events were just a coincidence.

The new Gmail features will continue to roll out to Android users over the next few days. In the meantime, we suggest reading up on how to avoid phishing scams and, as always, be wary of suspicious links from people you don't know.