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Sky's Now TV lands on PlayStation 4

Now TV lands on PlayStation 4
Finally, next-gen gamers can use their PS4 as a set-top box for footy, movies and Game of Thrones

Sky has rolled its Now TV service out to PlayStation 4, giving Sony's next-gen gamers the chance to access the streaming service.

Now TV has been a big success for Sky, allowing streaming access to its channels without the need for a satellite subscription.

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The service has now landed on the PS4, its first move into the next-gen consoles although it is available on Xbox 360 and PS3.

As we explained

Sky told us how vital the next generation of consoles would be to Now TV almost a year ago.

Simon Creasey said at the time: "My job is to bring this to the widest possible audience so thing like the next generation of consoles and Smart TVs - we're looking where the audience is and we will respond to that.

"Consoles are definitely the ones that people are currently streaming on, that's where the current audience is.

"As Smart TVs proliferate, then the market will change but right now the big players are the connected consoles."