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LG 'confirms' OLED supply for new iPhone

LG supplying Apple with millions of OLEDs?
LG supplying Apple with millions of OLEDs?

LG has signed a multi-million pound deal with Apple to provide OLED screens for a new wave of iPhones, iPod touches and a forthcoming netbook, according to sources from Australia.

ChannelNews claims that LG has confirmed it was paid over £300 million to work on the new monitor and display technology by Apple.

Working prototype

Smarthouse, an Australian technology website, is claiming to have spoken to sources that confirmed Apple already has a working netbook prototype using the OLED technology, and that LG is the exclusive supplier for the devices.

Specifically, LG is looking at removing the problem of finger prints on the OLED screens, where body oil and sweat left many marks. However the Koreans apparently believe that adding an extra layer to the manufacturing process will eliminate the problem.

A new iPhone and iPod touch looks increasingly likely, as interest in the current iPhone 3G begins to slow down. The new firmware adds a slew of new features to the device which could be exploited in a new high-end multimedia device, so it wouldn't be a huge surprise to see a new iPhone unveiled in a couple of months.

Cooing over OLEDs

After the attraction and success of OLED screens in new mobile phones at Mobile World Congress last month, the high contrast, high clarity and low battery consumption of the display technology would fit perfectly with Apple's 'cool tech' image.

And a huge cash injection into the development of OLEDs from a heavyweight like Apple would considerably improve the manufacturing problems that have beset OLED production up until now, with too many failing during the manufacturing process to be cost-viable.

The website is also claiming that Apple is looking at producing a standalone monitor based on LG's millimetres thick OLED display, one that could wirelessly link with a content-broadcasting box similar to the Apple TV unit.

From Smarthouse via OLED-info