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Spotify realises your family is bigger than two people


In the tit for tat battle between music streaming services, Spotify's family plan is one thing that's lagged behind its rivals - but today that changes.

You can now have up to six people on a Spotify Family Plan for a flat £14.99/$14.99 per month.

Previously it allowed for two members for the same price, with every extra person costing an additional £5/$5.

If you're already on the plan, everything will continue as normal but with the new lower price, which Spotify says will be updated from your next payment date.

We are family

For those of you who don't use/know about it, the Spotify Family Plan lets everyone have their own separate Premium accounts, all of which get added to one single bill at the end of the month.

Spotify does ask you to confirm all users are at the same address by adding everyone's address, but to be honest, there's nothing stopping you pretending your friends live under the same roof.

This all means Spotify's Family Plan is now on parity with Apple Music, which offered the same plan from launch, and Google Play, which changed its plan to match Apple's late last year.