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Spotify's family package begins rollout, offers half-price subscriptions

Up to five people can get in on the fun

Spotify has kicked-off its new Family plan, which let you sign up to Spotify with your nearest and dearest at half-price.

These new Family plans were announced on 20 October, having been rumoured as far back as 2012. Now they're finally available.

While the main subscriber still pays the full whack £9.99/$9.99, any secondary family members can get on-board for half the cost.

I got all my music lovers with me

With one extra person, you pay £14.99/$14.99, with two extra £19.99/$19.99, right the way up to signing-up yourself and five family members for £29.99/$29.99 a month.

As the lead subscriber handles all the money business, there's no way for Spotify to restrict this to family members that we can see.

It seems even 'Uncle Dave', your Dad's mechanic friend from University, may be able to get involved.

To make a Spotify Family, you need to invite people already signed up to the free version of Spotify using a tool within the service's interface.