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AMD assures gamers there will be enough Radeon VII GPUs to meet demand

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A few days ago, we saw reports that the upcoming AMD Radeon VII graphics card may be in very short supply, which has led to AMD releasing a statement to reassure people that this won’t be the case.

The rumors, which came from a Chinese source, hinted that “the quantity of Radeon VII is strictly limited,” and that only 5,000 units will be initially produced by AMD.

As the world’s first gaming graphics card that uses the 7nm process, and which comes with expensive 16GB HBM2 memory, the reports that AMD would only be offering the Radeon VII in limited amounts caused some concern amongst gamers that the graphics card would be difficult (and expensive) to buy.

AMD responds

In light of these rumors, AMD released a statement, published by Overclock3D, that aims to address those fears.

“While we don't report on production numbers externally,” the statement reads, “we will have products available via AIB partners and at launch of Feb. 7, and we expect Radeon VII supply to meet demand from gamers.”

That’s not the strongest of promises that stock won’t run out, but it should hopefully put people’s minds at ease that they will be able to buy the Radeon VII when it releases on February 7 for $699 (about £540, AU$970).

However, AMD’s statement doesn’t address the other part of the recent rumor, which is that we won’t be seeing third party variants of the GPU from manufacturers such as Asus and Gigabyte. AMD’s silence in that regard could mean that we’ll only see reference cards from AMD next month.

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