TiVo is coming to smart TVs next year and I think it's a threat to Roku, Google and Fire TVs

TiVo TV OS home menu on a TV
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TiVo’s smart TV operating system (OS) will be coming to Sharp TVs in Europe in 2024 as part of a multi-year deal. TiVo’s OS is also set to arrive in North America next year as well, although no partners have been confirmed just yet.

With Sharp joining the QD-OLED world, a technology that features in some of the best OLED TVs from Sony and Samsung, it remains to be seen if the new TiVo platform will be featured on these specific models in particular. 

TiVo is owned by Xperi, the company behind DTS and IMAX Enhanced. Sharp’s Nick Chen, head of Europe, had this to say regarding the decision (via FlatPanelsHD): "We chose TiVo’s OS not only because of the superior product but also because we wanted to offer a user experience of Sharp quality elements with more variety and freedom."

TiVo will join an already crowded TV smart platform market, looking to compete with the likes of Google TV, Roku, LG’s webOS, Samsung’s Tizen and Amazon’s FireTV. We first heard that TiVo was coming to smart TVs last year, but now that an official date has been set, could TiVo be the next big OS for TVs?

Opinion: the next big TV smart platform 

Although Sharp is not the first name that comes to mind when you think of the best TVs, they are a force to be reckoned with in the budget TV market. In a time where people are starting to spend their money more carefully, it could see brands like Sharp thrive, so TiVo may well have picked a winning partner in Sharp to try and break into the European market.  

The TiVo smart TV platform is being touted as “a first-of-its-kind neutral platform” (via TiVo Business) where the focus seems to be on user control and simplicity. It looks like TiVo is aiming to be a content first experience and this could really set it apart from the competition. 

With recommendations plastering TV interfaces like webOS, Tizen and Google TV, although we found a secret ‘Roku’ mode on Google’s OS for a simpler look, if TiVo is looking to streamline the user experience then I’m all for it. 

Because Xperi is also behind DTS and IMAX Enhanced, it’s safe to say that it knows audio and visual well, as both of these formats will enhance any viewing experience with bolder sound and picture clarity. Imagine what they will do with this technical knowledge for an OS!

Even though the TV smart platform market is full of competition, TiVo really seems to be putting users first, with a focus on simplicity and control and this can only be a good thing. Watch out Roku, Google and Fire TV, there’s a new kid on the block.

James Davidson
TV Hardware Staff Writer, Home Entertainment

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