LG's latest super-cool wireless OLED TV is now launching – expect a US and UK release soon

LG M4 wireless OLED TV
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One of the coolest OLED TVs around has just launched, and you can expect announcements for the US and UK very soon. The TV is the LG M4, and it's essentially an LG G4 with a very clever wireless connection: you still need to connect it to a power outlet, but everything else happens without cables.

That's because LG has taken the TV's connectivity and separated it, much like it did with last year's LG M3 series. All the connections are made to the Zero Connect Box, a rather chunky-looking thing that resembles a more square Xbox Series X. It then transmits to the TV over the 60GHz wireless band, which is relatively empty compared to the much more congested highways of the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands used for most Wi-Fi devices. 

LG reckons that convenience shouldn't be at the expense of quality, and the LG M4 promises a stable connection with 30Gbps of bandwidth at distances up to 10 meters, all with effectively zero lag, and no impact on image quality compared to the best OLED TVs – even while doing 4K HDR at 144Hz.

LG M4 wireless OLED TV: key specifications and pricing

The LG M4 is built around the same second-generation MLA OLED Evo panel as the G4 with one exception, the 97-inch model: MLA isn't available at that size just yet. That means the 97-inch model will be limited to 4K at 120Hz while the other models, which are 65 inches, 77 inches and 83 inches, deliver 4K at 144Hz.

The processor here is LG's new Alpha 11 (which means it also supports wireless lossless Dolby Atmos to compatible LG soundbars) and the OS is LG's own webOS 24.

The M4 is currently only being listed in Europe, but LG says it'll be rolling out "in major markets worldwide" from this week (via FlatpanelsHD); current prices are listed in Euros and they are:

  • LG M4 65-inch: €5,000
  • LG M4 77-inch: €7,300
  • LG M4 83-inch: €9,700
  • LG M4 97-inch: €34,700

As a rough guide, that means the cheapest 65-inch model is coming in at roughly £4,280 / $5,365 and the most expensive at £29,400 / $37,240. That's significantly more expensive than the wired LG G4; its 65-inch version has a list price of £3,299 / $3,299 / AU$5,299. 

Normally, even with even the best TVs, we'd expect the price to start dropping quite considerably shortly after launch, but we haven't seen dramatic discounting on the current LG M3 because there simply isn't the same level of competition as there is among wired TVs, so the LG G4 is likely to remain a premium option for quite some time – but for anyone looking for one of the best TVs for wall-mounting, and with deep pockets, it could be well worth the cost.

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