Jaws is finally getting the Lego treatment with a brick-built boat and shark

Lego Ideas Jaws Set
(Image credit: Lego)

The Lego Group has already turned memorable moments from classic and iconic films into brick-built creations – from Star Wars to Jurassic Park, with Disney classics and Transformers in between. Now they’re going back to a true classic from 1975.

JAWS, including Bruce the Shark, the Orca Boat, Police Chief Martin Brody, Sam Quint, and biologist Matt Hooper, are all being turned into Lego bricks and minifigures. The Lego Ideas Jaw Set will land in early August at $149.99 (USD). For the unveiling of the nearly 1,500-piece set, Lego has released a retelling of the iconic film. 

Lego Ideas Jaws Set

(Image credit: Lego)

“JAWS … in a Jiffy” – embedded below – is a 90-second Lego version of the classic film. Like other Lego films, it’s family-friendly and offers some extra doses of comedy throughout. It even takes on the classic “da-dum, da-dum” score of the film.

Even neater is that the Lego Ideas Jaws Set and minifigs are featured prominently. From the 1,497 pieces, you’ll build the Orca Boat and an array of gear, from a compass, harpoon, spear, and yellow barrels, to the boom and rigging used to film the movie.

Lego Ideas Jaws Set, Shark on a Stand

(Image credit: Lego)

There are two display modes as well – you can rest the boat peacefully with the shark on a nearby stand, or more likely you'll have the shark attack the Orca, built on a sea-water base you’ll also construct. It is a Lego Ideas set designed for an older builder; you can have fun with it.

Fans of the classic film will be eager to get their hands on this set and build it, but I’d also recommend a watch of “JAWS … in a Jiffy” for a certain director making a cameo. Like other Lego Idea sets, this set was originally conceived by a fan – Johnny Campbell – and then voted on by the Lego community.

The Lego Ideas Jaws Set will be available for those in the Insiders program on August 3, 2024, and for all to buy on August 6, 2024, for $149.99 (USD) or £149.99 (EUR).

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