New trailer for Prime Video and Peacock's historical epic Those About To Die looks like Gladiator crossed with Game of Thrones

Emperor Vespasian is flanked by two guards in Amazon's Those About To Die TV series
Those About To Die is Amazon's latest attempt to muscle in on the R-rated historical epic market. (Image credit: Amazon MGM Studios)

The first trailer for Those About To Die, a new historical epic that'll debut on Prime Video (internationally) and Peacock (US), has been released – and it looks the kind of show you'd get if Gladiator and Game of Thrones had a baby.

Set for release in mid-July, Those About To Die marries the political scheming and moral corruption of George R.R. Martin's famous fantasy works, Gladiator's bloody Colosseum-based action and Ancient Roman melodrama, that's sure to appeal to Prime Video's worldwide audience, and Peacock viewers stateside. I could write a more detailed account of what it's about, but why do that when its official teaser can show you instead? Check it out below:

Those About To Die | Official Trailer | Prime Video - YouTube Those About To Die | Official Trailer | Prime Video - YouTube
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It's been a while since Amazon's primary streamer had an unmissable and fictional ancient history series – Vikings, one of the best Prime Video shows, is the last one I consider to be must-see television. As far as I can remember, Peacock hasn't had any, either. Those About To Die, then, could give the pair's similarly positioned genre rivals on the world's other best streaming services a run for their money.

Not content with giving us a mere glimpse at its latest TV Original, Prime Video and Peacock also provided a lengthy story synopsis – and I mean lengthy – to expand upon the footage it's just debuted.

"Rome in 79 A.D: the center of the Roman Empire is the wealthiest city in the world, and there is a heavy influx of slave laborers from the growing empire to take over the work. The Roman population – bored, restless, and increasingly violent – is kept in line mainly by two things: free food and spectacular entertainment, in the form of chariot racing and gladiator fights. 

"Those About to Die delves into the world of the games – a world characterized by bloodlust, greed for money, the pursuit of power, and corruption. The races at Circus Maximus are controlled by four Patrician-owned corporations: the Blue, Red, White, and Green factions, and shares in the four factions are the most valuable things in Rome. As the taste in entertainment of the populace becomes more jaded and bloodthirsty, a specially designed stadium for gladiatorial combat is needed – the Colosseum. The scale of the stadium as well as the gladiatorial and animal combats is enormous – same as the underworld with the flourishing betting business. Underground, beneath the stands, thousands of people work and live – among them thousands who will die for the games."

Who's involved in Those About To Die?

Tenax points at a chart behind him on the wall in Amazon's Those About To Die TV show

Those About To Die's cast contains two Game of Thrones alumni. (Image credit: Amazon MGM Studios)

A whole host of household names. The standout among Those About To Die's acting contingent is Sir Anthony Hopkins, the legendary British actor who viewers will recognize from countless movies and TV shows, including Silence of the Lambs and the first three of Marvel's four Thor films. Hopkins will play Emperor Vespasian, who founded the Flavian Dynasty and ruled the Roman Empire for a decade.

The multi-award-winning star isn't the only notable actor on the series roster, though. Take a look at the below list, which includes two Thrones alumni, to see who else is involved:

  • Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones) as Tenax
  • Tom Hughes (The English) as Titus Flavianus
  • Sara Martins (Death in Paradise) as Cala
  • Johannes Haukar Johannesson (Game of Thrones) as Viggo
  • Jojo Macari (Sex Education) as Domitian
  • Gabriella Pession (Crossing Lines) as Antonia
  • Dimitri Leonidas (Renegades) as Scorpus
  • Emilio Sakraya (Rheingold) as Xenon
  • Moe Hashim (Ted Lasso) as Kwame
  • Rupert Penry Jones (Whitechapel) as Marsus

There's some serious creative firepower behind the camera, too. Roland Emmerich, who's helmed numerous disaster movies including Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and Moonfall, has directed this series. Robert Rodat, who wrote the screenplays for Saving Private Ryan and The Patriot, is Those About To Die's chief scribe.

Those About To Die will comprise 10 episodes and launches on Peacock and Prime Video on Friday, July 19.

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