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Google review

Bing is the new kid on the block but is Google still the search engine king?

Google wonder wheel
Google's wonder wheel is yet another method of expanding your search

Our Verdict

It's the daddy of searches, and it's not resting on its laurels


  • Lots of options
  • Progressive content
  • Fast and familiar

Google has a lot of Bing-like features, but unlike Microsoft's effort, it makes you click through to separate services to find them.

Many are tucked away in Google's 'Search Options' sidebar, which was launched quietly in May 2009 – a full month ahead of Bing.

For example, page previews pop up in AJAX overlays when you use Bing. You don't get pop-ups in Google, but you can see more content in page results.

Click 'Show Options' on the results page and then click 'More Text'. With the options sidebar switched on, you can get Bing-like additional control over results. You can see images from pages, narrow down recent results, get product reviews and even click through to a full list of suggested searches.

Finally, there are a couple of experimental features. The Timeline reorders your results chronologically, while the Wonder Wheel takes related results further, suggesting tangential searches every time you pick a keyword.

Google may lack Bing's good looks, but the world's favourite search engine is far from lagging behind.

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