• Vibrant, detailed hi-def pictures
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish design
  • 30mm depth
  • DLNA media streaming


  • No Freeview HD tuner
  • Some black level and backlight issues
  • No Smart Hub

Samsung's premium LED TVs are so advanced that they're one malfunction away from taking over the human race. From Smart Hub web content and wireless media streaming to 3D, USB support and HD tuners, the Korean company's high-end sets are packed with flashy features and smart technology that make them more akin to computers than TVs.

But not everyone wants this sort of sophistication. Many people simply want a TV that allows them to watch programmes and play Blu-ray discs without having to do a degree in quantum physics first. That's where the UE32D5000 comes in. This modestly sized LED TV lacks the above bells and whistles but comes in at a very affordable price, making it an ideal second set for the bedroom or kitchen.

It's an edge-lit LED effort from Samsung's midrange 5000 series, which also includes the 27-inch UE27D5000, 37-inch UE37D5000, 40-inch UE40D5000 and the 46-inch UE46D5000.

Design wise it looks a lot classier than its rock-bottom price tag would suggest. The thin black bezel is surrounded by a transparent plastic rim that's more fetching than it sounds, while the table stand also uses transparent plastic for the neck and around the flat base, completing a very sleek and modern look.

What's more, LED technology has allowed Samsung to squeeze the UE32D5000's depth down to a wafer-thin 30mm, which, aside from being a mind-boggling achievement, makes the UE32D5000 perfect for wall mounting. The fact that we were able to lift the TV in its box with one hand is testament to the space-saving efficiency of LED technology (and not to the Herculaneum strength of Techradar's reviewers).