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New Xbox One Roblox bundle means you can keep the kids happy for less

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If you've been waiting for an Xbox One Roblox bundle then you're in luck this week as Microsoft has just launched the new Xbox One deal via their official store - Just in time if you need something to keep the kids entertained this weekend.

For just $299 / £249 you'll get the base console - an Xbox One S 1TB - as well as a wireless controller, one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a code to download Roblox and some free in-game redeemable goodies.  

Wait, isn't Roblox free-to-play, we hear you asking. Yes, indeed, it is free to download the base game. However, like the recent Fortnite bundle, Microsoft has included some DLC (additional downloadable content) - in this case, you get 2,500 Robux ($R) to spend, plus three exclusive avatar bundles and accessories. If you're not au fait with Roblox, $R 2,500 equates to around $30 of extra goodies to keep the kids entertained, which all adults will agree is a good thing right now.

This week is a great time to pick up an Xbox One deal: the price is fair and there are some excellent games on the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate currently - Gears 5, Sea of Thieves, and Outer Wilds to name just a few of the 400-plus available titles. Microsoft is also offering one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just $1, which means you can save even more money if you want to extend the free trial included with the Roblox bundle.

Roblox is an online games platform, where users can design and upload their own games, and play games that other people have created. It's a great option for kids because, like Minecraft, it allows them to stretch their imagination and creatively interact with the medium itself, unlike a more traditional video game. It's extremely popular, with 115 million monthly users, making it one of the biggest games platforms in terms of reach worldwide. 

Today's best Xbox One deal in the US

Xbox One S 1TB Roblox bundle | $299 at Microsoft US
Grab yourself this kid-friendly Xbox One bundle while stocks last. Included in your purchase is a 1TB Xbox One S, wireless controller, 1 month free of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, 2,500 Robux and three exclusive Roblox avatar bundles and accessories. There's so much to keep kids entertained here.
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Today's best Xbox One deal in the UK

Xbox One S 1TB Roblox bundle | £249 at Microsoft GB
With this great little bundle, you'll grab yourself a 1TB Xbox One S, wireless controller, 1 month free of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, 2,500 Robux and three exclusive Roblox avatar bundles and accessories. Roblox is a great sandbox experience that allows them to use their imagination and creativity, while the 1-month free Game Pass ensures they'll never run out of things to do.
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