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Amazon Prime Air is finally off the ground, but not as a drone...

Amazon One Prime

While Amazon is working to get its delivery drones off the ground, it's also launching its first branded cargo plane, the Amazon One.

The Boeing 767-300 is part of Amazon expanding its "air transportation network" and improving delivery speeds for customers.

The Amazon One will be joined by 39 other aircraft that Amazon is leasing from Atlas Air and ATSG. While Amazon already uses a group of planes for cargo, the Amazon One is the first of its new dedicated fleet.

As you can see above, the plane is emblazoned with the Prime Air logo and the famous Amazon swoosh.

Air time

According to Amazon, the new fleet will help it improve delivery times for its customers.

Meanwhile the company is trying to get its drone delivery service running, which aims to deliver packages to customers using unmanned aerial vehicles.

Those plans recently took a step forward with the UK Civil Aviation Authority granting the company permission to test its drones without being bound by usual flying restrictions.

Meanwhile Amazon continues to clash with US regulators over testing Stateside.