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Nokia and Samsung push for mobile TV

Nokia and Samsung will co-operate on developing mobile TV interoperability

The rollout of broadcast mobile TV services has been given a boost by an announcement from Nokia and Samsung that they will co-operate on interoperability among their DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcast - Handheld) devices and systems. DVB-H is a leading standard for delivering multi-channel broadcast television for mobile devices.

A joint announcement from the mobile makers confirmed that the two companies would work together to support solutions based on the Open Mobile Alliance ( OMA ) BCAST standard for broadcast mobile TV services. Nokia believes the move towards interoperable devices and services from different manufacturers will speed up the deployment of broadcast mobile TV services, and encourage faster take up by consumers.

Commenting on the announcement, Harri Männistö, director, Multimedia, Nokia, said: "Nokia warmly welcomes the collaboration in accelerating the adoption of DVB-H based mobile TV services to the market. We see that the OMA BCAST standard is essential in launching mobile TV services on a global scale."

He continued: "Further, the well-defined service and content protection profiles within the OMA BCAST standard provides the ideal path towards standardised solutions enabling a coherent and open market for successful worldwide mobile TV deployments."