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Windows 8 to simplify auto restart updates

Windows 8
Windows 8 updates will become less of a hassle
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Microsoft is revamping its auto restart software update system for Windows 8 and says it hopes to get down to just one inconvenience every month.

Windows 7 users have long complained about the frequency of the updates, which are prompted by a notification informing you the computer will restart within 15 minutes, if you don't postpone.

Microsoft says it feels our pain and to combat this there will be fewer updates and when they do arrive you'll get three days of notice, which will appear as a reminder on the Windows 8 lock screen.

At that point users will be given the option to restart and update there and then, or continue to wait for the auto restart.


Microsoft says the only exception to this rule will come when a "zero day" worm threatens to wipe out your data.

Windows Update program manager Farzana Rahman said: "The challenge we faced was to find the balance between updating with speed and giving notice to the user for upcoming restarts.

"Clearly, updating and securing the PC before vulnerabilities can be exploited is just as important as it ever was.

"However, we also want to deliver a better experience around handling restarts and avoiding data loss without compromising our goal of timely updating."

Windows 8 is expected to launch in Q2 of next year.

Via: PC Mag