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Apple omits Android searches from Chomp app

Apple omits Android searches from Chomp app
You can't Chomp down on Android apps anymore

While it's hardly a surprise, Apple has removed the ability to search for Android apps from its recently-acquired Chomp service.

Back in February, Cupertino snapped-up the San Francisco-based start-up, with a view to improving application search and discovery within its own App Store.

SInce then, the web-based version of the service has still allowed users to search for Android applications as well as iPhone and iPad apps.

Not anymore.

Making the Genius smarter

The Chomp application has also been removed from the Google Play store.

It is still unclear what Apple plans to do with Chomp long-term, but the company will surely find a way to integrate the tech within the App Store and perhaps improve Genius recommendations.

Via: BGR