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iWatch to have wireless charging and a round face?

iWatch may have wireless charging and a round face
Not square after all?

Is the iWatch on its way? We don't know, but that hasn't stopped analysts from putting their analyst hats on and making some informed guesses.

Brian Blair of Rosenblatt Securities has reported to Business Insider that the iWatch will have a round face, according to his supply chain sources. While it was largely assumed that the device would have a rectangular shape this could make sense as it would look more like a normal watch and potentially be more stylish too.

Apple wouldn't be the first company to make a round smartwatch, as the similarly circular Moto 360 is just around the corner. Speaking of the Moto 360, the same sources reckon that the iWatch will look similar but have a slimmer profile.

Blair claims that the iWatch will go into production in July or August and that there will be multiple models of the device.

Apple time

Another analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, reckons that there's an outside chance that we may even see the iWatch as soon as WWDC next week, according to a research note obtained by Apple Insider.

Apparently it will arrive alongside an 8GB iPhone 5S, though as WWDC is mostly about software it's unlikely that an announcement as big as the iWatch would be made.

Whenever we do finally see it we may be in store for wireless charging. Chinese site reports that insiders at Luxshare (a wireless charging coil supplier) claim the company has sent coils to Apple for certification and that if approved then its coils will be used in the iWatch.

Realistically we don't think we'll see the iWatch until near the end of the year, but by the sounds of things it could be worth the wait.