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Google launches Explorer Programme to bring Google Glass to the UK

If you've been waiting patiently in line to get your hands (ears and nose) on Google Glass (short of selling a kidney), that wait is now over.

That's right: so long as you're over 18 and own a credit card, you can join Google's UK Explorer Program, which will bag you the prototype headset for the bargainous sum of £1,000 - or around half a kidney.

Some say that's overpriced for something that's said to cause headaches, makes you look freaky and weird and won't even let you live out your wildest spy fantasies, but if you're willing to shell out a grand, you're probably already aware of the device's pitfalls.

To accompany its UK launch, Google has announced new hardware partners in the form of the Guardian, Star Chart, Zombies Run and

To take the dip and become a fully-fledged Glasshole, click here.