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Samsung S9110 watch phone not coming to UK

The Samsung S9110 - hidden at Mobile World Congress
The Samsung S9110 - hidden at Mobile World Congress

Samsung has confirmed to TechRadar that it won't be bringing the S9110 watchphone to the UK for the foreseeable future.

Due to launch in France as a rival to LG's GD910 watchphone later this month, all eyes were on whether the €450 (£390) device would be landing in the UK.

Samsung declined to give us a reason for not bringing it over here, other than pointing out how many products have been launched in recent months.

Asia to Europe

However, it's perfectly plausible that the company is going to wait and see how technology which stereotypically only does well in Asian markets will fare in Europe.

Or it could just be that Samsung couldn't bear to see its Korean rival releasing a new product without having a presence too...

Samsung does have a history of watchphone technology though, so if any large company was well-placed to make the world look at its wrists a lot, it'd be this one.