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Samsung preparing new Android: Galaxy Lite

The Galaxy Lite - proof (well, sort of)
The Galaxy Lite - proof (well, sort of)

Samsung is preparing a slimmed down version of its forthcoming Android phone, the i7500 Galaxy.

According to the Wi-Fi certification channel, Samsung has submitted the i5700, which it is calling the Galaxy-Lite.

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We can only assume it will be running Android, although it would make a lot of sense. However, it's also possible that Samsung's less powerful TouchWiz UI could be plonked on top instead.

Thin on the ground

Things we know about it: it's from Samsung, it's a mobile phone and it has Wi-Fi. Things we don't know: everything else, a price and date of release. Or what it looks like.

Things we can be almost certain about - Samsung currently has no plans to team up with Nintendo on a Super Mario Galaxy-Lite edition phone. Much as we would like that to occur.

The good news is the i5700 Galaxy Lite has passed the Wi-Fi test (phew) and is therefore one step closer to reality.

Samsung has been rather quiet of late, although we are still waiting for the release of the new Omnia range and the big brother i7500 in the UK, which we are told will be imminent.

Via Samsung Hub and WiFi Certification