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Red Nexus 5 could be Google's scarlet secret

Red Nexus 5 to arrive in February?
*Lights cigar* Yup, the pieces were coming together

'Will the Nexus 5 launch in some new colours?' That was the case. A good ol' fashioned in-n-out investigation. No dirty hands, no mess.

We spent the night on the hunt for some shmuck who claimed to have the answers we were looking for but the trail had run cold. A little too cold, if you catch our drift. Who squealed? And what did they know that we didn't?

At our wits end we found ourselves propped up at the bar of some sleazy joint downtown. You know, the kinda place you can swig your juice in peace without some low life bumpin' his gums at you. That's when we got a report that a red Nexus 5 had been spotted in Vietnam. Of all the places...

Red mist

But then the story got real interesting. The same source said that the scarlet handset will be available in "late February or March" and that there'd be a yellow variant, and all.

Even through five glasses of whiskey we could see that this red looked a lot brighter than the one our old friend's video had shown. Someone was fudging the truth. It was time to get outta there and get back on the trail.