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Philips joins 200Hz TV party with 9664

Philips new 9664 range - on a wall (as we would all clearly use it)
Philips new 9664 range - on a wall (as we would all clearly use it)

Philips has looked in its gadget cupboards and pulled all the good bits from the top shelf before welding them into its new 9664 series of TVs.

Philips' new line up features 200Hz processing technology, meaning it refreshes the picture four times as fast as conventional TVs.

It also has a response time of just 1ms, meaning the picture you see won't be suffering from lag or motion blur, particularly good for sports or fast moving scenes.

Lighting the way

Ambilight (you know, those lights Philips puts on the back of its TVs to 'extend' the picture onto the walls) has been beefed up to Spectra 2, meaning a faster response and more accurate colours on board.

There's also NetTV on board for easy internet access right out of the box with no need for a separate box or PC. It's also DLNA certified over Wi-Fi, meaning you can (theoretically) link up with other enabled devices on your home network.

The contrast ratio of 80,000:1 will please most movie buffs, especially as it's controlled dynamically (the backlight behind the screen turning on and off to mirror the picture, leading to deeper blacks and richer colours.

Through thick and thin

And if that wasn't enough for you, it's a shade under five centimetres thick, so if you're after a wall mountable effort then you could do worse than look to this model.

Coming in at 42- and 47-inch options, it's not the cheapest LCD on the market at the moment, costing £1699 and £1999 respectively.

However, with five HDMI ports (we can't even think of enough things to fill them with) and Philips Perfect pixel engine, there's enough gadgetry there to justify the cost.