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Palm Pre UK launch details likely next week

Palm Pre all set for UK launch
Palm Pre all set for UK launch

Palm looks set to dish all the details on when the new Pre will be coming to UK shores as it has revealed it will be making an announcement next week.

Although it didn't go as far as to say what it was regarding other than about the Palm Pre, it's almost nailed-on that the UK will be getting its own launch date.

This means we'll find out about price, contracts and most importantly, who will be stocking it, with the most likely destination O2 after many internet reports have ruled Vodafone out of the running.

Another nice thing about such an announcement is that it ties in nicely with Palm's earlier pledge to bring the Pre to Europe 'one to two months' after the US release, which occurred on 6 June.

This follows earlier leaked shots of the Palm Pre in a UK-friendly GSM flavour, which means it's likely ready to ship in the coming weeks.

To upgrade or not to upgrade?

With the launch of numerous new phones in the last few weeks (the Samsung Jet, the iPhone 3GS and the HTC Hero) and more to come as well, including the first Samsung Android phone, the i7500, it looks like a summer of phone love is very much on the cards in the US.

Add to this the fact Toshiba is holding a media briefing about 4.1-inch screened, 1GHz processor-toting TG01, and you might want to sit down and have a really good think about which phone gets your upgrade this year.

If you want a really up close and personal look with the forthcoming Palm Pre, then check out T3's 360 degree review of the new handset to see the iThrone pretender in all its glory.