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O2 customers spend 39 billion minutes on phones

O2 - it's been a good year
O2 - it's been a good year

O2 has announced that it has 5.7 per cent more customers than last year, up to 21 million.

This equates to 39,680,000,000 minutes spent on the phone from O2 customers in the last year, which would probably give you a very warm ear.

This, as it states on its blog, is enough to fill the Wembley Stadium 233 times over - although that doesn't count the space for those queuing for hotdogs.

Better than the O2 Arena?

However, as T3 points out, it hasn't mentioned its own Wembley rival, the O2 Arena, but a calculator-toting O2 employee has informed the site that it could fill that space, and the two surrounding nightclubs, 739 times over (although it probably doesn't want to publicise the smaller capacity).

And O2 is also furthering its Broadband deal, with 527,126 customers, which it calls a 'huge increase' year on year.

We'll be interested to note how the network fares in the next year, having replaced its exclusive deal for the iPhone with one for the Palm Pre - with Vodafone and Orange on the iPhone scene will it be able to continue the same growth?