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More Nokia X Android smartphones are on the way

Nokia X
A new wave of Nokia X's is already on the way.

It seems that Nokia's Android oddity wasn't just a one-off experiment, as despite the fact that the company has now been bought up by Microsoft it's apparently working on the next-generation of phones in the 'X' series.

That's according to BGR India, which further heard that these new phones will come with a dedicated home button.

One of the many unusual things about the original Nokia X, Nokia XL and Nokia X+ was that they only had a back button, so anyone used to quickly tapping a home button to get to the main screen was out of luck.

Back to home

Okay, that's not entirely true, as a long press of the back button would achieve the same thing, but that's a little slower and many users were apparently not even aware of this functionality, so adding a home button seems like a pretty logical change.

Unfortunately nothing else is yet known about the new phones, not even whether the Nokia part of the name will be retained, but it's a safe bet that they'll be entry level devices designed to compete with the lowest priced Android handsets, just like the current Nokia X phones do.

  • The Lumia 520 is another compelling entry level Nokia handset.