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Mobile phone monitors Christmas liver abuse

Too much of this and your phone could be calling in blood test results.

As it's the season of goodwill and binge drinking for all, we'll keep this one mercifully short, even though it's one of the more practical ways of using a mobile phone network we've seen.

Scientists at the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology have, apparently, come up with a blood sensor that worried drinkers can use to monitor how well their livers are functioning.

Hospital hotline

The device connects to a mobile phone and relays the data it picks up on the liver's GOT (Glutamyl oxaloacetic transaminase) and GPT (Glutamyl pyruvic transaminase) enzyme levels to whichever hospital has been assigned to receive it.

As excesses of the enzymes are also key indicators of hepatitis and other conditions, a sudden warning from your mobile doesn't necessarily mean it's time to cut short the Christmas party, but getting to a doctor might still be advisable.