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Google ups the cool factor for Android Maps

Google boosting Android Maps to 4.1
Google boosting Android Maps to 4.1

Google has revamped its Google Maps for Android application - again - bringing a raft of cool new features to its 4.1 upgrade.

The new application overhauls the UI to make things easier to see - for instance, there are no longer any tabs on the search results page, making things easier to see.

You can now swipe through these results, meaning you don't have to enter a search result, find it's the wrong one then take time to back up to the list - a simple swipe left or right will show you the next one.

Liking Latitude

If you're a fan of Latitude (we don't know of any, but they must be out there) there's now a dedicated widget for the home screen as well, making it easier to stalk the life out of your buddies.

And the coolest feature - if you're an Android 2.1 user (Google's official blog says Android 2.1+, so could that mean an update on the way?) you can also turn your home screen into one big, updating map using the Maps live wallpaper - presumably with your Latitude friends.

If you're rocking Android 1.6 or later, search the Android Market for the new Google Maps app and take things to the next level.

Via Google Mobile Blog