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EE is here to save the day for customers who pre-ordered through Phones 4u

iPhone 6
Help is on hand

Phones 4u's announcement that it was going into administration came just moments after scores of people had pre-ordered an iPhone 6.

But EE is coming to the rescue. It's just told TechRadar that it has a limited number of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets for people who lost out by pre-ordering the new phone from Phones 4u, so long as they ordered their handset on EE's network.

Starting from now, you can phone up EE and provide your Phones 4u pre-order registration number and you'll be pushed to the front of the queue, which means you could get a handset on launch day.

As for anyone hoping to wonder in without any prior pre-order and pick up an iPhone 6, there's no guarantee you'll be so lucky. But it's worth a shot, eh?

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