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Logitech launches new laptop mouse

The Logitech V550
The Logitech V550

Logitech has added to its mouse range, with the new V550 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse.

As you can gather from its rather descriptive name, the V550 is small and aimed at laptop users. It's also a mouse without a tail, so no messy wires. But it does come with a clip-and-go dock, so losing it should not be a problem.

Battery-life is good too with the mouse offering up to 18 months' use before batteries need to be replaced.

As for how well the wireless technology works, it's 2.4 GHz so you shouldn't experience any delays and dropouts.

Different colours

For the fashion-conscious, the V550 is available in two colour schemes: grey with a silver stripe and silver with a blue stripe. The docks come in two colours, too – silver and black.

The Logitech V550 Nano cordless laser mouse for notebooks is expected to be available in the US and Europe from late August, and is compatible with both Mac and PCs. The suggested retail price in Europe is £39.99.