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Nokia unveils new home control technology

Nokia wants to take control of your house
Nokia wants to take control of your house

A concept that sees the mobile phone becoming the central control hub for your house has been announced by Nokia.

Called the Home Control Centre (HCC), the Finnish firm essentially wants to give you complete control of your electronic household appliances through a mobile handset.

The technology Nokia is developing means that you will be able to control things like room temperature, be able to switch appliances on and off and even monitor the temperature of your oven.

Complete control

Speaking about the new initiative, Teppo Paavola, Nokia's Head of Business Development, said that the reason the company had develop the HCC was because: "to date there has not been a solution that is interoperable with a wide range of home systems that can easily be controlled."

Quite how the Home Control Centre works is still under wraps. But do expect more information next month, as the company will be hosting the Nokia World Conference in Barcelona, where it will officially unveil its home-domination plans.

Currently, there are a number of iPhone apps that allow you to control various pieces of audio equipment, but Nokia's one-remote-for-all concept is definitely an enticing prospect.