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Nokia Tube likely to launch 2 Oct

The Nokia Tube. It has no other names.
The Nokia Tube. It has no other names.

While we're loath to believe scurrilous internet rumours, the long-awaited Nokia Tube (AKA the 5800 XpressMusic) looks likely to debut next week.

Nokia is holding an international press event on the 2 October, apparently to launch the Comes with Music service, but pocket-lint is reporting that the phone seen in The Dark Knight film will be unveiled too.

Press photos of the new device have been leaked by, and it makes some sense that Nokia would debut a phone when all eyes are aimed at such portable devices thanks to Google's launch earlier this week.

Opal Fruits

Also, the Nokia Tube (we refuse to give it its proper name... in the same way we refuse to say Starburst or Oil of Olay) is likely to be the flagship device of the CWM brand, so to launch the two together would be a great move.

Of course, we're probably wrong and these are Photoshopped by some bored fanboy... but it would be nice to watch Apple cry a bit when another phone comes out to challenge.

And the Tube is likely to be a humdinger.