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Android tablets eating into iPad dominance

Market share growth for Android tablets
Android tablet boom is bitter pill for Apple

Google has seen a sharp rise in global market share for its Android tablet computers, dramatically eating in to Apple's iPad dominance.

In the last three months of 2011 Android tablets accounted for 39% of the worldwide tablet computer market, up from 29% earlier in the year, according to a survey from Strategy Analytics.

Apple, on the other hand, saw its dominance fall from 68% to 58% in the same three months. Microsoft is still playing catch up in the tablet market, accounting for just 1.5% although we expect to see new Windows 8 powered devices launch this year.

Tablets riding the wave of popularity

Between October and December 2011, Apple shipped 15.4 million iPads while Android tablet shipments reach 10.5 million.

There has been a dramatic increase in demand for tablet computers in the last year. In 2010 at total of 18.6 million tablets were shipped, compared to 2011 which saw a boom in popularity resulting in 66.9 million shipments.

The tablet craze is set to continue in 2012 and we expect to see a raft of new tablets announced at MWC 2012 in Barcelona at the end of February.

From BBC