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Amazon Coins launches in the UK with £4 of free credit for every Kindle Fire

Amazon Coins launches in the UK with £4 of free credit for every Kindle Fire
Give us some coin, Amazon
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Amazon Coins have launched in the UK with Kindle Fire owners now able to buy the Amazon credit to spend on apps and in-app purchases.

As a little launch gift/bribe to get you using them, Amazon has given everyone with a Kindle Fire £4 worth of free Coins.

£4 seems like a strange amount - why not round it up to £5? - but hey, who are we to look a virtual gift horse in the digital mouth.

Money talks

When you bulk buy Amazon's Coins you'll get discounts of up to 10% which is nice but they can only be spent on apps and games in the Amazon Appstore, not music, movies or books.

You won't be able to spend them in the traditional Google Play app marketplace either.

Existing Fire owners will find the free £4 in their Amazon accounts today, while Coins will also be available to customers who have ordered the new Kindle Fire HDX 7 and Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 when they receive their devices.

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