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Google Docs gear up to take on MS Office 2010

Google's suite of online services is growing continually

If you're considering a switch to the new web-based Microsoft Office 2010, it's probably worth pausing awhile to assess Google's just-announced reaction through Google Docs.

Writing on the Official Google Docs Blog, product manager Vijay Bangaru chose the same week as Microsoft unveiled its Office plans to reveal that Docs is getting a "brand new shiny interface."

Advanced search

He didn't give any details of those changes, but did add that Docs will be adjusted over the next few weeks to include advanced search and better sharing options.

Bangaru explained: "Another thing you'll see is the new Sharing Menu. We feel this is a big improvement over the old one; we've moved all the sharing functionality into this one dialog, so now you can completely manage sharing without having to leave the Docs list."

Crunch time

While that's all welcome, it's clear the new interface is going to be make or break for Google Docs - after all, people tend to favour shiny buttons and menus over advanced search for power users.

Via TechCrunch