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Intel's smart glasses make Google Glass look like a lame monocle

Image credit: The Verge

Intel’s own take on smart glasses has been unveiled. It’s called Vaunt, and where Google Glass failed to blend into the designer crowd of eyewear, Intel’s attempt mostly nails that endeavor. 

Vaunt looks just like regular frames and a big part of that accomplishment stems from the fact that Intel’s glasses aren’t like Google’s discontinued project, Snap Spectacles, or Epson’s Moverio glasses. There’s no camera to peer into the world with, no buttons to scroll through menus, or much of anything else, really. 

Intel has discovered a way to pack in only the necessary tech, like Vaunt’s battery, essential sensors, and other components, into the sidearms of the glasses without ballooning their size beyond what you’d normally expect in a set of glasses.

Beyond its smart design, Intel’s stands alone in this sma