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Allow these gnomes to show you the future of Android gaming


Imagination Technologies has just revealed a brand new demo of its Vulkan driver for PowerVR GPU, running on Google's Nexus Player. The upshot? Gaming on Android is about to get a lot better.

Vulkan has been shown off before, but the latest prototype arrives after many improvements to the spec, including some input from Google.

The API is not yet publicly available, but when it is, developers will be able to use Vulkan on Android devices to provide better performance and energy consumption.

Using Vulkan, overall CPU usage is reduced significantly compared to OpenGL ES (a stripped-down version of the OpenGL API), and the result is telling.

Gnoming me, gnoming you

The video, shown below, puts Vulkan side by side with OpenGL ES 3.0, with the latter (that's the one on the right) clearly not able to match performance when the camera is pulled away.

That said, Imagination puts emphasis on this being an "exaggerated scenario" that uses OpenGL ES in a way "not designed for". But the point stands: Vulkan will open up better efficiency and performance for high-end graphics on Android devices - and we can't wait.

If you're at this year's SIGGRAPH show, you can pop along to Imagination's presentation to see the demo in action. Otherwise, take a look below.