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Thunderbolt tech coming to PC with Acer and Asus models

Thunderbolt support coming to PCs in 2012

Acer and Asus will release the first Thunderbolt-enabled PCs in 2012, Intel has revealed.

The super-fast I/O technology, which allows files to be transferred between devices 20 times faster than USB 2.0, is only currently supported by Apple MacBook products.

Intel made the announcement that Windows machines will be getting in on the act at the IDF conference currently taking place in San Francisco.

The company showed-off a prototype PC, but there'll be no consumer based models until at least next year.

More partners

Acer and Asus are Intel's first Windows-based partners for the technology, previously known as Light Peak, but others are expected to be confirmed.

The prototype port is said to boast an identical appearing to the incarnation currently built-in to the new Apple MacBook Air laptops, although that could be subject to change.

It is hoped that the technology could still be compatible with the USB standard, as Intel did not commit to Apple's form-factor during its IDF keynote address.

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