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Sony Nav-U range: big screens, Bluetooth

Sony unveiled a new range of satnav devices at IFA 2007 in Berlin over the weekend.

The higher end of the Nav-U range features big 4.8-inch widescreens and Bluetooth connectivity, so that you can handle calls without having to fiddle with your phone. You can also send text messages and directly call firms and places found in the POI database.

The Sony NV-U93T features maps from all over Europe, while the Sony NV-U83 is UK-only. Both can receive real-time traffic data, although this is an optional feature on the Sony NV-U83.

The Nav-U range includes the lower-end Sony NV-U73T and the Sony NV-U53 as well, which feature smaller, 4.3-inch widescreens and no Bluetooth. The Sony NV-U73T has a traffic message channel and European maps, while the Sony NV-U53 comes pre-installed with your local country map.

Pricing details aren't known but the units are likely to surface in late 2007.