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Samsung launches Blu-ray tech support site

Now you have a place for all your Blu-ray needs
Now you have a place for all your Blu-ray needs

In a move that will relieve befuddled costumers that have bought a Blu-ray product that isn't working the way it should, Samsung has opened an online helpdesk that it has called the Samsung Blu-ray Consumer Resource Centre.

The website houses a mountain of information pertaining to the now hi-def format of choice, including live chat with Blu-ray specialists.

The website is handily split into two categories: For Blu-ray Owners and Looking To Buy Blu-ray.

Maximising performance and potential

Speaking about the new site, Reid Sullivan, Vice President of Audio/Video & Digital Imaging at Samsung Electronics America, said: "Now that Blu-ray is the future of HD, Samsung recognised the need to develop a single online location where current Blu-ray owners and those seeking out more information, can go to address their Blu-ray needs.

With answers to nearly every Blu-ray question and access to trained Samsung tech support, we believe the Blu-ray Resource Center will help consumers maximise the performance and potential of their Samsung Blu-ray player pre or post sale."